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  Great man. Your voice has a little Bonamassa in it.. which is cool. Love the tune too. KILLER  solo!"


- Steve Lukather ( Toto, Michael Jackson, Ringo Starr, G3 )  on his original  "Street Blues"

“ Simon's releases never cease to amaze me! This one is my favorite I think... love the writing, and the players. Simon's guitar talents truly shine on this, as he effortlessly navigates through tricky progressions with fire, grace and taste! ”

- T.J Helmerich - producer/engineer for Steve Vai, Victor Wooten, Tribal Tech review  on“ Strat Attack ”

" One of the most soulful guitar players on the planet "


" I usually dread listening to CD's that are sent to me for review. Mostly because all you hear is what everybody else has already done a million times and there's nothing really different... Every song on THIS CD has multiple elements of surprise and keeps you hanging on the whole time. I couldn't "skip" through the songs like I normally do. Thanks for making this –I can tell it was a labor of love! It makes me want to PLAY, and not a lot of things do that."



- Doug Seven on Country Fried Chicken 2014

-  Christian Howes


"Not many up-and-coming Sydney guitarists profess they want to sound like Robert Cray. Then again, not many upcoming Sydney guitarists can play like Robert Cray. Simon Kinny-Lewis can."

- Sydney Morning Herald, Ten Sydney Bands You Must Hear 2009

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